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Bachelor of Business Administration (Integrated BBA Programme) and Juris Doctor Double Degree Programme (BBA-JD)

Admission Video 1

Will BBA-JD students have the chance to do an internship and study abroad?

How special is the programme?

Can you tell me more about the BBA-JD admission interview and how it goes?

Global Business Studies Programme (GBS)

Admission Video 2

GBS Programme structure & admission tips

Exchange experience in Denmark and the U.S.

Global Business Forum

Global Economics and Finance Programme (GLEF)

Admission Video 3

Why is GLEF’s overall intake quota limited to around 25 only?

Why isn’t these guaranteed exchange for GLEF students?

What are the benefits of studying the interdisciplinary GLEF Programme?

Integrated BBA Programme (IBBA)

Admission Video 4

What is a concentration area?

What is a Dual Degree Programme?

What is Global Experiential Learning?

International Business and Chinese Enterprise Programme (IBCE)

Admission Video 5

IBCE Programme Structure & Admission Tips

Exchange Experience in the U.S.

Internship Experience in summer

Insurance, Financial and Actuarial Analysis Programme (IFAA)

Admission Video 6

As a secondary student, can you tell me what should I prepare before joining the IFAA Programme?

Most IFAA graduates will become actuaries. What does an actuary do?

Could you tell me more about IFAA students’ 6-months full-time internship?

Professional Accountancy Programme (PACC)

Admission Video 7

What are the key features of the PACC programme?

Is accounting equal to number crunching?

What does “Accountants Plus” mean?

Quantitative Finance Programme (QFIN)

Admission Video 8

What makes QFIN special?

Programme Features & Scholarship opportunities

Internship & Career Development
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