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Minimum Entrance Requirements

English LanguageChinese LanguageMathematics (Compulsory part)Liberal StudiesElective Subject 1Elective Subject 2
English LanguageChinese Language
Mathematics (Compulsory part)Liberal Studies
Elective Subject 1Elective Subject 2

For Category A – Core and Elective Subjects, Level 5** = 8.5; Level 5* = 7; Level 5 = 5.5; Level 4 = 4; Level 3 = 3; Level 2 = 2; Level 1 = 1

Core Subjects


English Language

Chinese Language

Mathematics (Compulsory part)

Liberal Studies


Points to Note:

  1. All figures and information are provided for reference only.
  2. Category B: Applied Learning Subjects, Category C: Other Language Subjects, and Bonus points are not included in this calculator.
  3. The scores are calculated on the basis of programme weighted admission score formulas. The formulas (and other assessment criteria, if any) are subject to ongoing review.
  4. Some programmes have additional requirements on admissions, details of which are available on their respective websites.
  5. CUHK Business School also considers an applicant’s whole profile on top of admission scores and interview performance (if applicable).
  6. Admission Grades of JUPAS Applicants (2021 Entry): Reference Score
  7. For the details of Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, Entrepreneurship and Healthcare Management (JS4725), please click here
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